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Black is the Color of My Love

Myrdith Leon-McCormack & Boris Kodjoe

Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Nia Long, Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, Raven Symone, Thandie Newton, and Regina King are probably some of the most recognizable Black actresses in Hollywood. While, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, Forrest Whitaker, and Don Cheadle are on the list of highest paid Black actors.
What I learned from attending the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) is that Hollywood is not really out to discover new stars. It’s all about making money. The sooner we understand that fact, the better we’ll understand “the game”. When actors, films are rated by the color or race of the leading man, we need to better understand the game. The leading man has to be a box office hit. He must produce for the film’s investors. That translates to: if you love those actors you see on the big screen, you must support their movies. Go see the movie, buy a ticket and encourage a friend to do the same, to help make it a box office hit. The first two weeks are the most critical for any movie to send the message to Hollywood that their investment will show a return.
But what happens to the rest of the hundreds and thousands of actors and filmmakers who are not in the Hollywood circle? They do get parts in some great Hollywood movies, and some not so great, but they keep working. For proper growth, and a sense of accomplishment, there must be a platform where the artists feel appreciated, valued, and wanted. This is why Jeff Friday and his partners created ABFF–to give those lesser known amazing talents an opportunity to shine and to be appreciated for their hard work. It is a platform for stories written for a “Black Audience”, which Hollywood neglects to tell–movies that include the plight of the community, praise the greatness of a culture, the contributions that we have made to society. ABFF features movies that show the humanity, the love, the power, the challenges, the defeat and the triumph of a people. ABFF wants to be the answer to those great, unspoken heroes and storytellers.
For 16 years, ABFF has prided itself on building that platform to keep these artists in the game of entertainment. And now it wants to build a bridge that will highlight and ask Hollywood to support the undiscovered greats.
Like ABFF, BLACK STREET was created to give a platform to those in the Black Community.  To give a voice to, and reward those who make valuable contributions to their culture.
For those reasons, BLACK STREET is proud to be a supporter of ABFF and its endeavors to support and honor the trailblazers who came before us, and help leave a legacy of greatness for those who will come after.
Written by: Myrdith Leon-McCormmack

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Photography Credit: Prescott McDonald @ MLM Represents
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BLACK Events: Marc Baptiste Fundraiser

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From L to R: Marc Baptiste, Terrence J, Selita Ebanks, Justin Davis

The event was held on March 13th, 2012 at the beautiful Moroccan themed venue, Casa La Femme in NYC. The event was a spectacular and successful! With beautiful decor and atmosphere, the moment you walked in you were mesmerized by your surroundings!

Celebrity Photographer Marc Baptiste, created the event in hopes to fundraise for a school in Cite Soleil, Haiti. Marc Baptiste an avid philanthropist states,

“It’s not because I’m Haitian. It’s because I’m a human being, and its my obligation to help those in need.”

The event was indeed a spectacular with celebrities such as Estelle, Terrence J, Selita Ebanks, Jeffrey Wright, and Justin Davis (just to name a few) supporting the cause.

Justin Davis, co-host for the night, also wishes to cater to children. He states how he and Selita sat down weeks before to discuss going to Haiti with Marc and aiding in the reconstruction of schools and orphanages. Davis who has never been to Haiti, is extremely excited about going.

Selita Ebanks, a supermodel, also co-host of the event, who has known Marc for most of her life states,

“Marc is like a father to me and has been a mentor since I first started in this business. I will always support everything he’s doing.”

She also state,

“The people of Haiti needs the help of all of us. We should help where we can. I try my best to do what I can.”

With an elaborate setting, guests were treated to a three-course Moroccan meal. For my first course I had the Hummus with an array of dipping sauce. My second course was the Salata Gargeer- Baby Arugula with shaved Gibna Rona, and the last course was Tagine Samek- filet of fish stuffed with crab meat. All I can say it was To Die For!!!

During dinner, guests were treated with a wonderful surprise of a beautiful belly dancer mesmerizing the crowd. Half way through dinner, Selita and Justin showed their support through supporting introductions. Soon after, there was a live auction of Marc Baptiste’s beautiful photography. The bids were set high and the guests fought competitively to meet them, everyone wanted to take home Baptist’s art work!

Celebrity Nail Technician as well as owner of the M2M nail color line, Myrdith Leon-McCormmack stated how she has always been a fan of Marc Baptiste for over twenty years!

“I am not afraid to say it. I have been a fan of Marc since I first started out in this business. He’s not one of those Haitian men that say they love Haiti and just say it. He’s a self-less man! This man will go into his pockets. Him, his wife, and children are so involved in the country on a personal level. They don’t wait for things to happen. They make it happen themselves.”

The night ended with laughter, great music, accolades, and most importantly a substantial amount of funds raised!

Written by: Judith Jacques

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